frequently asked questions

1Could I rent a vehicle or make the security deposit with someone else’s credit card?
No, you cannot get the car in this way. Rental agreements are personal, and it is accepted only the credit card of the person signing the agreement, who is also the only person allowed to drive the vehicle.
2Can I cross rivers or lakes with the 4x4 vehicle I just rented?
No, you cannot drive a vehicle rented from AXIS Rent a Car through rivers, lakes or similar. Remember you are responsible for any damage to the vehicle according to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.
3What happens if I damage my rental vehicle?
During the time of the rental, the rental vehicle is your responsibility. According to the terms and conditions on the rental agreement, any damage to the vehicle is your full responsibility.
4Are traffic violations my responsibility?
The person who signs the rental agreement is responsible of any traffic violations made during the time of the rental. Keep in mind that they must to be paid at the authorized local banks. Do not pay any kind of traffic infractions to local transit police officers or strangers.
5How can I make the security deposit?
The security deposit is made charging a credit card only in the name of the person signing the rental agreement.
6What are the requirements to rent a vehicle?
• Minimum age 21 years. • Have a valid local or foreign driver’s license. • Debit or credit card to get the authorization for the security deposit. • Valid ID or passport.
7What should I do in case of an accident?
• Do not move the vehicle. • Remain calm. • Call 911 to report the accident and request assistance. • Call the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE SEGUROS (INS) at 800-800-8000 or Qualitas Costa Rica at 800 QUALITAS / 800-7825-4827 to report the accident. • Turn on the emergency lights or flashers, put on the safety vest and place the safety triangles, put the first 50 meters away from the back of the vehicle and the second one 20 meters away from the front of the vehicle. • Call us right way at (+506) 8459-9998
8Can I rent a vehicle to travel outside of Costa Rica?
Rental vehicles cannot travel outside of the country. The rental agreement limits travel exclusively within Costa Rican territory.
9Are additional drivers permitted?
Additional drivers are permitted if they are registered at the time of the signing of the rental agreement. This way, the additional driver will also be covered by the insurance policy.
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