Before you begin your trip with AXIS RENT A CAR

Get information about the weather conditions before you begin your trip.
Carry out a general inspection of the vehicle.
Make sure the lights are working properly,
Check the tire pressure
Oil level, etc.
Make sure you have all your personal documents (driver’s license, ID, Passport) as well as the rental agreement and vehicle permits.
Remember that all passengers must wear the seatbelt at all times.
According to Costa Rican legislation, all children under the age of 12 must travel in a safety baby or booster seat.
Do not exchange currency on the street or with strangers. Make sure to carry out all your monetary exchange transactions at a bank or authorized agency.
For local information visit Costa Rica’s official tourism website .
Make sure you have a minimum of eight hour rest the night before you drive.

During your trip
Call our toll-free number (+506) 8459-9998 at any time for any questions during your time in the country.
Keep your windows up and doors locked at all times.
Avoid driving late at night or in heavy rain conditions.
Travel exclusively on official highways and roads.
Take short breaks during long trips.
Avoid stopping in dark or lonesome places. Always try to stop at public or busy stations.
Do not leave valuable belongings inside the vehicle, even when it is locked.
Abide by the traffic signs and regulations.
If you get a flat tire, park the vehicle correctly on the side of the road. Turn on the emergency lights and put on the safety vest. Place the two safety triangles, place the first triangle 50 meters away from the back of the vehicle and the second one 20 meters away from the front of vehicle.
If you are hit by another vehicle or notice that you are being followed suspiciously, find the closest public place and call 911 immediately.
Avoid parking the vehicle on the street instead park it on parking lots.

In order to get full coverage from your insurance policy, you must meet all terms in the rental agreement.
The person who signed the rental agreement is responsible for all damages to the vehicle.
All traffic violations are complete responsibility of the person who signed the rental agreement. These must be paid at the designated local banks. Do not pay any kind of traffic infractions to local transit police officers or strangers.
You must return the vehicle with a full tank of gas unless you decided to prepay at the time of the rental. In which case you should try to return it with the least possible amount of fuel.

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