30% discount + 13 bonuses on the rental of your 4X4 SUV - Now starting at $ 26.57 USD - The same service without equal - At the lowest price

LOW season rates applied

FREE CERTIFIED sanitation of the vehicle

FREE Unlimited mileage

FREE 24/7 Roadside Assistance

FREE Waze Navigation

FREE Second Driver

FREE Baby chair

FREE Express pickup / return*

NO advance payment required

NO cancellation fees

NO hidden fees and taxes


Guarantee deposit reduced by 50% ONLY with CREDIT CARD


Available Categories: Sedan, SUV and Minivan


*Restrictions may apply, Limited quantities available, Offer apply only here ONLINE

30% Discount on Rate

You will save up to $30.25 per day on the base rate.

LOW Season Rates Applied

You save up to $10 per day. Normally the low season starts on May 1st, however low rates have been applied from now on.

Strict Vehicle Sanitization CERTIFIED

All our vehicles have undergone a strict cleaning process based on the recommendation of the Costa Rican Ministry of Health, in which products are used that will give you long protection against viruses and bacteria.

Security Deposit Reduced Up to 50%

In order for you to have more money available on your credit card, we have decided to trust you more.

FREE Unlimited Mileage! OFFERED! $0USD

Drive placidly through Costa Rica without worrying about mileage. Usually $9USD/day, average rent 10 days you Save $90 Usd.

24/7 Road Assistance: OFFERED! $0USD

We cover you in case of: Lack of energy, tire replacement, tow truck. Usually $7USD/day, average rent 10 days you save $70 Usd.

Waze Navigation System (SIM Telephone Card) OFFERED! $0USD

Explore with the only real-time, crowd-sourced, street navigation system, Google Maps - Waze, the most popular and trusted GPS Navigation in Costa Rica using your own smartphone. Like Costa Rica native guide. Usually $7USD/day, average rent 10 days you save $70 Usd.

FREE Second Driver OFFERED! $0USD

Share the driving with a relative or friend. Usually $5USD/day, average rent 10 days you save $50 Usd.

FREE Express Pick up/Drop Off* OFFERED! $0USD

Although our office is conveniently located near the airport, we offer FREE delivery and pick-up of the vehicle at your hotel or lodging for your convenience. Usually $50 USD/Way, you save $100 Usd.

No advance payment in your credit card for your booking! OFFERED! $0USD

No advance payment in your credit card for your booking! Modification accepted at any time (subject to availability). WE TRUST IN YOU! Usually full amount charged to your credit Card.

NO Cancellation Charges! OFFERED! $0USD

Cancellation without fees. We know that many things can happen before when traveling outside the country, that's why we have you covered. We only ask you to notify us as soon as possible in order to provide the benefits to another customer. Usually penalty of $100USD.


When comparing our offer with other companies, make sure to receive the final total amount, since it is a common practice, even in multinational companies, to put online or telephone rates that barely cover basic rent, but not insurance Taxes or other fees or charges. These charges usually come together and double the amount of the original quote, and you'll notice that until you reach the company counter.

*Conditions may apply

Example 10 Days Rent

Service DetailsAnother Car RentalAXIS Bonus Max Inclusive
30% Discount on Rate$605.10 USD$302.55 USD
LOW Season Rates Applied$100 USD-$100 USD
Security Deposit Reduced by 50%$3.000 USD$500 USD(Int. Cov.)*
Unlimited Mileage$ 90 USDFREE $0 USD
24/7 Road Assistance$ 70 USDFREE $0 USD
Waze Navigation$ 70 USDFREE $0 USD
Second Driver$ 50 USDFREE $0 USD
Express Pick up/Return*$100 USDFREE $0 USD
NO Advance Payment RequiredPeace On MindFREE $0 USD
NO Cancellation Charges20% of Total AmountFREE $0 USD
NO Hidden Fees and TaxesPeace On MindFREE $0 USD
TOTALSave with Axis up to $977.55 USD13 Bonuses + No Penalties + Worry-Free

Enter Promotion Code: PURAVIDA


Enter Promotion Code: PURAVIDA



This is the best offer to support people who is being affected by the global COVID-19, For this reason, your help and commitment is required and you must commit to giving proper use to the vehicle, avoiding streets in poor condition or excessive use. Failure to comply can cause immediate termination and be sanctioned accordingly. Only applies to end customer, NO INTERMEDIARIES.
2What is the minimum rate/rental period?
7 days.
3What is the maximum rental period?
Because it is something unpredictable and that every day can change, for now it is 30 days.
4How long will this plan be available?
For now until August 30, 2020, subject to changes based on the International Pandemic and others.


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Judith Dawes

I started renting from Axis a few time ago. I really like the prices, and vehicles. I experienced great customer service. Everyone was so helpful.

Cesar Adan

Quiero dar las gracias a axis por haberme ayudado cuando he tenido problemillas con otra agencia. Muchas gracias si vuelvo a costa Rica contaré con ellos

Fabien Laurence

Le Costa Rica est magnifique, nous avons visité de nombreux endroits, le service de ce peuple était excellent, rien à redire



1What are the requirements to rent a car?
- Present original and valid driver´s license. Provisional driving licenses or photocopies are not accepted. - Original and valid ID card and/or passport. - Minimum rental age is 21 years old. - Credit Card to cover the security deposit. (Mandatory) - Make the Rent Payment in cash in dollars or colones at the exchange rate of the BAC San José.
2Should I submit an international driver´s license?
It is not necessary. You only need a passport or identity card and valid license from the country of origin. Only if the license is not printed in the Roman alphabet, an international driver’s license must be presented. If you are a foreigner: for the driver´s license to be valid, the holder must not have exceeded 90 calendar days from the date of entry into the country. This will be verified with the stamp of entry. Except for holders of licenses from Venezuela, Central America, and Colombia, driver´s licenses are valid in Costa Rica for a maximum of 30 calendar days from the date of entry into the country.


Your vehicle choice depends on your itinerary. Many of the country's roads are paved and you will SAVE a lot with a Sedan. Taking care of the vehicle when driving and knowing your destinations, you should not have any type of problem with a Sedan.
Yes, we do. If you are planning a long stay in Costa Rica, house hunting or relocating; we have SPECIAL DEALS for long term rentals that will make your stay cheaper. Please contact us directly at [email protected] to find out how we help you to save on your car rental. We GUARANTEE you the BEST offer.
3What happens if I arrive an hour late for my reservation?
If you show up one hour late for the time of your booking, we will do our best to keep the reservation, availability will be subject specially for high season. Only if your booking is prepaid, we will keep your reserved vehicle for 5 hours.
4Does the vehicle may be removed at airport SJO?
After going through customs, you must go to the second floor (departures), next to the parking pay station, you will find a representative of Axis who will help you with your luggage to take our complimentary shuttle. The shuttle will take you to our office which is less than 1 km from the airport terminal where you can pick up and return the rented vehicle.
5Are additional drivers permitted?
Additional drivers are permitted if they are registered at the time of the signing of the rental agreement. This way, the additional driver will also be covered by the insurance policy.
6Can you pass rivers, lagoons or estuaries with the Axis’s cars even if it is 4X4?
You cannot drive in rivers, beaches, estuaries or drive it as opposed to the laws and regulations of transit, or streets, land or roads that cause damages because in all these cases the lessee will need to cover on his own all damages caused to the vehicle and the company even if he had accepted some coverage for rental vehicle, because in the circumstances described hedges have no effect. The use of the vehicle in these conditions authorizes Axis to terminate this article without prejudice to charge via the corresponding damages.
7Can you smoke in vehicles Axis?
No. If a client is shown that smoke inside any of our vehicles, will be charged a $250 amount.
8Traffic tickets
According to the new traffic law of Costa Rica. In case of any traffic violation during the rental period, you must cancel the ticket in any state bank (National Bank, Costa Rica Bank, Popular Bank) also can make payment at any of our offices presenting the ballot of the ticket, otherwise it will impose an exit restriction and you cannot leave the country because the Immigration Department will check your status strictly.
9What happens if extended day rental vehicle without notice?
There is a penalty of $100 on top of the rental amount, if you keep or extend your rental vehicle more than the return agreement. This fee $100 applies if the customers does not call to extend the rent 24 hours in advance. Start, December 15 until April 22.
10Fuel (prepay fuel)
Fuel price is not included in the Axis Rent a Car rates. We deliver the cars with a level of fuel. If for any reason, the customer cannot return the vehicle in the same condition, the company will charge the corresponding amount of fuel consumed plus an additional charge as a penalty. For customer convenience, Axis Rent a car also offer the possibility to prepay the fuel tank and return the vehicle with an empty tank, so, the customer need not worry about stop in a service station. This option is cheaper than the market price. The fuel prepaid amount is included in the opening agreement and is not refundable.
For your safety, do not park your vehicle on public roads or in areas with yellow line.We recommend that you always use public parking. Vehicles parked in unsuitable or restricted areas for this purpose could suffer vandalism and in these cases the coverages will not apply. In addition, parking in prohibited areas can cause the removal of license plates by the police and very fine of +$600 will be applied to your rental bill.
12What should I do in case of an accident?
• Do not move the vehicle. • Remain calm. • Call 911 to report the accident and request assistance. • Call the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE SEGUROS (INS) at 800-800-8000 or Qualitas Costa Rica at 800 QUALITAS / 800-7825-4827 to report the accident. • Turn on the emergency lights or flashers, put on the safety vest and place the safety triangles, put the first 50 meters away from the back of the vehicle and the second one 20 meters away from the front of the vehicle. • Call us right way at (+506) 8459-9998
13The rented vehicle can leave Costa Rica?
No. No vehicle may leave the borders of Costa Rica.


Yes. We have a NO hidden fees policy.
2Do I have to pay in advance?
No, you don't, you could pay at the moment you pick the car up. This option is called a PRE-reservation which means:a. There is no advance payment.b. You will have to arrive directly to our office by your own.c. Vehicle is subject to availability.If you prefer to confirm your reservation, only a $100 pre-payment is required, so you will have:a. One of our agents will be waiting for you on the second floor of the SJO airport, next to the parking pay station.b. Vehicle is completely reserved for you.Special NOTE: For Liberia Airport and Express delivery, the $100 pre-payment is mandatory.
3What Credit Cards accepts Axis?
Axis accepts credit: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Dinners Club and Discover Card.
4Do you accept credit cards with "flat" numbers?
Yes we do. If you have with raised numbers, much better.
5Can I pay in cash or with debit card?
Yes you can. The Credit Card is only mandatory for the security deposit.
6Is there a fee if the vehicle is removed in an office and returned in another?
No as far as it is set before the rental and subject to availability.


1How much is the security deposit?
This starts from as low as $500 for FULL COVERAGE and up to $3000 with basic coverage. When you are reserving, the system will show you the exact amount based on car category and type of coverage.
2Is the security deposit a charge?
No, it's not, it's a hold. Once you return the vehicle in a proper manner, the hold will be released form our side and will only depend of your bank.
3Can I use someone else credit card for the deposit?
No. No one, other than the person named on the card, can use that credit card for deposit. The cardholder must be present at the time to make and sign the rental agreement.


1What are the exclusions to the coverage?
Our coverage is the most comprehensive in the market. However, there are some cases where such coverage does not apply, and you will be 100% liable for damages caused to the vehicle and third parties property. Exclusions are: When the driver suffers an accident under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When the car is damaged, and the car driver is not authorized under the rental agreement. Damages of any kind occurring as a result of driving the car in rivers, lakes, beaches, marshes, flooded roads, or due to off-road use. Failure of the obligation to provide Axis Rent a Car with the accident report issued by the General Transit Direction and the notice of the accident presented to the Insurance company. Failure to report the accident to Axis Rent a Car immediately after the event occurs.
2My credit card provides Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) for car rental, can I use it?
Yes you can use your credit card’s CDW. You must contact the card issuer before the rental and get written proof of the coverage to be presented at the counter at the time of rental. We always recommend our protections due to they are more comprehensive than credit card’s CDW.
3Am I responsible for the damages that some other driver inflicts on AXIS car?
Yes you are. The car must be returned in the same exact condition as it was received when rented. That is why we recommend our best protection package to cover the car that releases you from any financial responsibility in case of collision, damages or if the car is stolen.
4I have insurance with my credit card. How much is the discount or is the credit card insurance accepted?
We do accept credit card insurance. At least the basic insurance coverage (SLI) for $12.95/day is required. Intermediate (SLI+CDW) for $22.95/day and Full coverage SLIZ + CDWZ + FREE Accessory Protection for #32.95/day are optional.
5Will the protections I purchase at Axis cover my belongings if they are stolen from the rental car?
No, they will not cover those items. We always recommend locking all doors and not to leave any valuable belongings inside the car when parking it. The person who rents the car is fully liable for all violations of the Transit Law of Costa Rica.

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